Nick de la Hoyde – Animals

We happily present Nick de la Hoyde’s “Animals”, a single from Hoyde’s up and coming debut album – A Beautiful Mess – that is due for release on January 31st, 2020. If the album is anything like the beautiful piece we lay out below, then there will be a lot more in store. “Animals” takes Read more about Nick de la Hoyde – Animals[…]

The Chainsmokers & Kygo – Family

We’ve been a fan of Kygo and The Chainsmokers since their early days so it’s a real pleasure to hear them come together especially on such a meaningful track dedicated to a loved one. It’s one of those pieces that has beautiful deep meaning and still allows the listeners to make of it what they Read more about The Chainsmokers & Kygo – Family[…]

Lauren Sanderson – Upset

We aren’t usually drawn in by songs that dive deep into solemn subjects. What’s great is we found the perfect balance with Lauren Sanderson’s “Upset” as it pairs a difficult topic perfectly with dreamy pads that give the feeling the listener is on a cloud. When presented this way, it’s so much easier to digest Read more about Lauren Sanderson – Upset[…]

SHIVA – Sunshine (One Love)

It’s always extremely refreshing hearing music that brings something new to the table and SHIVA’s “Sunshine (One Love)” is the perfect example. It mixes traditional elements and a familiar percussive beat along with elements that provide a sort of spiritual touch to it. This makes for a track that listeners don’t simply listen to, but Read more about SHIVA – Sunshine (One Love)[…]

BENEE – Find An Island

Here’s one that’s an absolute treat. We’ve certainly found an auditory island with BENEE’s latest release “Find An Island”. It’s light weight, groovy with calming vocals interwoven throughout. It has quite the nice twist of calming energy and an invigoration that provides the perfect balance we seek out. BENEE made waves with her stand out FIRE Read more about BENEE – Find An Island[…]

DallasK – I Know

The 28 year old multi platinum producer DallasK is making major waves lately in the music industry and we’ve been following along closely to make sure that we don’t miss a beat. By the progression into the 0:20 second mark it’s clear this is going to be yet another top notch banger. By the climax, Read more about DallasK – I Know[…]

Gryffin, Carly Rae Jepsen – OMG

I wouldn’t have guess Gryffin plus Carly Rae Jepsen would be just what we needed! This song is addicting with the positive vibrations it sends out all culminating towards a classic Gryffin guitar drop. We will continue to be playing this one in playlists for some time, especially to help carry on the summer that Read more about Gryffin, Carly Rae Jepsen – OMG[…]

Kelly & Gibson – Why Do We Love Like This

As the Fall season slowly develops, thoughts of sharing log cabins up in Vermont alongside a special someone amidst sweet tunes and fire places enters the mind. Kelly & Gibson are here to solve a part of that equation with their new hit release: “Why Do We Love Like This”, a track that exudes brilliance Read more about Kelly & Gibson – Why Do We Love Like This[…]