Beach for Tiger – Toffee

We are happy we’ve discovered Beach for Tiger as they are really helping us expand what we listen to with this spacey and introspective psychedelic journey. a laidback musical journey that encapsulates the listener and delivers warmth and electricity as the piece unfolds. Listening to this is surely a stimulating experience that mimics a mental Read more about Beach for Tiger – Toffee[…]

GRAACE – Last Night

GRAACE has us almost speechless with her newest track. “Last Night” has a special ability in penetrating deep inside the soul, which is beyond impressive as most tracks don’t even make it past the surface. While many shift the blame when it comes to reflecting, GRAACE takes her experiences with¬†sheer honesty and…grace and then packages Read more about GRAACE – Last Night[…]

Katelyn Tarver – Kool Aid

We first discovered Katelyn Tarver through her original work, “Weekend Millionaires” which became a massive hit getting remixed by a ton of our favorite artists. Since then, we haven’t heard much coming from her corner so it’s exciting to share her latest track titled “Kool Aid”. It comes from such a relatable direction and overall Read more about Katelyn Tarver – Kool Aid[…]