Evie Irie – Worst Enemy

Seventeen-year-old Sydney-born singer/songwriter Evie Irie releases the official music video for her new single, “Worst Enemy”. This one caught our eyes and ears, especially with the deep connection where so many can relate to the meaningful lyrics and delivery. The beat is bass heavy and flows in a fluent form sonically. It makes us have an empathic feel Read more about Evie Irie – Worst Enemy[…]

Nick de la Hoyde – Animals

We happily present Nick de la Hoyde’s “Animals”, a single from Hoyde’s up and coming debut album – A Beautiful Mess – that is due for release on January 31st, 2020. If the album is anything like the beautiful piece we lay out below, then there will be a lot more in store. “Animals” takes Read more about Nick de la Hoyde – Animals[…]

Becky Hill – (ft Shift K3Y) – Better Off Without You

We’re so happy to see Becky Hill and Shift K3Y on one record, especially as our admiration goes back years. This piece serves as a declaration that so many need to embrace, which is simply stated that life is better without a certain person in it. It’s a hard realization to come to but ultimately Read more about Becky Hill – (ft Shift K3Y) – Better Off Without You[…]

Aaron Taos – Saboteur

Aaron Taos has been on our map for awhile and we’ve been impressed with his work for a long time. With the latest piece released just today, “Saboteur” takes the listener on a sonic journey through the earlier years of sound. It’s impressive when a piece is able to transcend beyond decades especially with all Read more about Aaron Taos – Saboteur[…]

BENEE – Supalonely ft. Gus Dapperton

Surprisingly, this is the first we’ve heard from BENEE, an infectious track that soon introduces what seems to be unneeded autotune that fits in really well helping give this piece an even more fun feel. It’s laid back listening with a sort of elegant and authentic twist on a pop piece that’s pleasant to the Read more about BENEE – Supalonely ft. Gus Dapperton[…]

Lauren Sanderson – Upset

We aren’t usually drawn in by songs that dive deep into solemn subjects. What’s great is we found the perfect balance with Lauren Sanderson’s “Upset” as it pairs a difficult topic perfectly with dreamy pads that give the feeling the listener is on a cloud. When presented this way, it’s so much easier to digest Read more about Lauren Sanderson – Upset[…]

SHIVA – Sunshine (One Love)

It’s always extremely refreshing hearing music that brings something new to the table and SHIVA’s “Sunshine (One Love)” is the perfect example. It mixes traditional elements and a familiar percussive beat along with elements that provide a sort of spiritual touch to it. This makes for a track that listeners don’t simply listen to, but Read more about SHIVA – Sunshine (One Love)[…]