superheart – Don’t Look Down

Some songs simply are able to take the listener to a better place without going anywhere at all. This auditory, mental transportation is one of a kind and it’s a big aspect that makes music so great. When listening to superheart’s “Don’t Look Down” there’s a clear feeling of calmness and contentedness which we gravitate towards so strongly.

Every element lays perfectly together, mixed wonderfully down to the percussion serving as a dreamy soundscape able to pull from numerous genres. This all culminates to one of the closest things many know as magic. It has a message that’s extremely relatable as it draws a new emotion with every listen. When the powerful guitar work develops it’s clear the track wraps together perfectly and it’s hard to be happier. We won’t look down, but we will look onward and ahead as we keep experiencing a beautifying world when songs like this are born.

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