Bakermat – Baianá

Bakermat is an artist we have loved from the start dating back to almost a decade now. It’s awesome to see that as he develops as an artist our tastes still mesh wonderfully. It’s hard to listen to “Baianá” and not move your feet or at least bob your head. It’s got saxual goodness, a Read more about Bakermat – Baianá[…]

Gryffin, Carly Rae Jepsen – OMG

I wouldn’t have guess Gryffin plus Carly Rae Jepsen would be just what we needed! This song is addicting with the positive vibrations it sends out all culminating towards a classic Gryffin guitar drop. We will continue to be playing this one in playlists for some time, especially to help carry on the summer that Read more about Gryffin, Carly Rae Jepsen – OMG[…]

Kelly & Gibson – Why Do We Love Like This

As the Fall season slowly develops, thoughts of sharing log cabins up in Vermont alongside a special someone amidst sweet tunes and fire places enters the mind. Kelly & Gibson are here to solve a part of that equation with their new hit release: “Why Do We Love Like This”, a track that exudes brilliance Read more about Kelly & Gibson – Why Do We Love Like This[…]

Deniz Koyu – Lost Soul

Deniz Koyu recently released his new track “Lost Soul” and we must say without a doubt it’s totally electrifying. The vocals of this fine tune are highly inspiring and are capable of evoking great emotion within everyone of its listeners. We can already picture this hit being played out at raves across the globe; it Read more about Deniz Koyu – Lost Soul[…]

GRAVEDGR – DON ft. Dabow

It’s always impressive to see the energy mixed with a touch of attitude that comes out of GRAVEDGR’s studio sessions. “DON” ft. Dabow is mysteriously dark along with a powerful intensity that’s hard to match. It’s all pulled together perfectly with a climax filled with stabbing synths and floor shaking bass. The explosion of GRAVEDGR’s Read more about GRAVEDGR – DON ft. Dabow[…]

6s to 9s – Big Wild (Feat. Rationale)

Big Wild meets Rationale? Ah! We never thought we would see the day and what a joyous day it is with such a sultry piece to grace our ears. Big wild has been making his way into our ears longer than Rationale with his wide variety of groovy electronic jams that always know how to Read more about 6s to 9s – Big Wild (Feat. Rationale)[…]


JOYRYDE is a breakout artist we’ve been following for awhile now so it’s surprising he hasn’t made an appearance here yet. We’re happy to finally welcome him with his latest release, “MADDEN”. Here we can see the popular style JOYRYDE has helped develop, polish and push into the mainstream of dance music around the world. Read more about JOYRYDE – MADDEN[…]