6s to 9s – Big Wild (Feat. Rationale)

Big Wild meets Rationale? Ah! We never thought we would see the day and what a joyous day it is with such a sultry piece to grace our ears. Big wild has been making his way into our ears longer than Rationale with his wide variety of groovy electronic jams that always know how to get us moving or at least bobbin’ our head to the beat.

Rationale puts such passion into his work and we’ve been watching his rise to stardom as an under the radar talent for awhile now. He’s the type of artist we can listen to song after song and not just a select few. This paired with the luscious plucks and delicate synths from Big Wild are a dream come true. We know this one will be finding its way into a variety of sensual and party playlists as the versatility of the track is clearer than day.

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