Remady feat. Bonny Lauren – All My Life

Ready for a mood lift? Remady featuring Bonny Lauren brings us the perfect piece to make that a reality. It’s rare that a song makes you feel that everything is just right. Bonny’s vocals complement the calming yet pulsing instrumental perfectly and it’s a match made in heaven. This is actually the first we’ve heard Read more about Remady feat. Bonny Lauren – All My Life[…]

Andrey Pitkin & Christina Novelli – Talking to You (Filatov & Karas Remix)

Andrey Pitkin & Christina Novelli already took the world by storm with their explosive and expressive track, “Talking To You”. We’re so happy to share a new remix that caught our ear and wouldn’t let go. The remix crafted by Filatov & Karas has made it impossible to stand still even in time where surroundings Read more about Andrey Pitkin & Christina Novelli – Talking to You (Filatov & Karas Remix)[…]

Nick de la Hoyde – Animals

We happily present Nick de la Hoyde’s “Animals”, a single from Hoyde’s up and coming debut album – A Beautiful Mess – that is due for release on January 31st, 2020. If the album is anything like the beautiful piece we lay out below, then there will be a lot more in store. “Animals” takes Read more about Nick de la Hoyde – Animals[…]

Deniz Koyu – Lost Soul

Deniz Koyu recently released his new track “Lost Soul” and we must say without a doubt it’s totally electrifying. The vocals of this fine tune are highly inspiring and are capable of evoking great emotion within everyone of its listeners. We can already picture this hit being played out at raves across the globe; it Read more about Deniz Koyu – Lost Soul[…]

6s to 9s – Big Wild (Feat. Rationale)

Big Wild meets Rationale? Ah! We never thought we would see the day and what a joyous day it is with such a sultry piece to grace our ears. Big wild has been making his way into our ears longer than Rationale with his wide variety of groovy electronic jams that always know how to Read more about 6s to 9s – Big Wild (Feat. Rationale)[…]

Don Diablo ft. Jessie J – Brave

Don Diablo brings us a truly majestic track with the lovely Jessie J titled “Brave”. This piece is a true anthem able to evoke emotions capable of making the ground shake. It embodies the spirit of passion and light with a powerful message interwoven beautifully resulting in a pop anthem that will take the world Read more about Don Diablo ft. Jessie J – Brave[…]

DallasK & Nicky Romero – Sometimes ft. XYLØ

We’ve been fans of Dallask, Nicky Romero and XYLØ for awhile and they’ve come together to create a track that took a lovely yet unexpected turn. It features a luscious mix of male/female vocals creating the perfect balance and range that we were looking for. It’s a satisfyingly fresh atmosphere that takes away stresses and Read more about DallasK & Nicky Romero – Sometimes ft. XYLØ[…]

Draper – Never Say Never (feat. Hannah Jane Lewis)

Like the foundation of the track was built around, out of the blue we discover a special artist where all the necessary ingredients are present for a splendid experience. It’s hard to not become shrouded in exhilarating pleasure, or as Draper likes to say, “giddiness”. This hard working production artist has been pressing through barriers finally coming Read more about Draper – Never Say Never (feat. Hannah Jane Lewis)[…]

Arc North – Sweet Sunshine

“I’m lost in the dark when you go,” that’s how I feel when “Sweet Sunshine” by Arc North comes to finish. The female vocalist makes her impactful stance early on as she declares “I want to feel your summertime I want to feel the heat”; a declaration, when mixed with Arc North’s phenomenal production value, Read more about Arc North – Sweet Sunshine[…]