Phantoms – Want To Know

It’s always a pleasure hearing a track from an artist you’re familiar with but haven’t dived deep enough into their catalogue to find something that truly speaks on a meaningful level. With Phantoms’ “Want To Know” that couldn’t be more the case. We align with it on every possible level for reasons such as the instrumental cohesion, beautifully fitting vocals, seductive progressions and a meaningful narrative we can truly get behind. With their recent release, it’s a fantastic time to become a Phantoms fan as they have a new EP arriving on October 23rd. I think it’s clear we want everyone to know how fondly we think of this piece, which is as fitting of a way to describe the love for the track.

Phantoms have been getting love from the industry for awhile now. More specifically it has been from top tastemakers such as SiriusXM’s Diplo’s Revolution, Insomniac, Major Lazer, and Dillon Francis to name a few. They’ve set many records with their music and as they continue to break barriers, we think the journey has only just become ignited. Listen to “Want To Know” and let some beauty enter in.

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