Beach for Tiger – Toffee

We are happy we’ve discovered Beach for Tiger as they are really helping us expand what we listen to with this spacey and introspective psychedelic journey. a laidback musical journey that encapsulates the listener and delivers warmth and electricity as the piece unfolds. Listening to this is surely a stimulating experience that mimics a mental Read more about Beach for Tiger – Toffee[…]

The FEDZ – The Traveller

We recently discovered The FEDZ through their latest hit, “The Traveler”. ​”The Traveller​: A soulful plea for the need of us all to work together, to help each other and not shy away from our humane responsibilities. Soaring vocals by the irrepressible Mr Blue – backed by a 30piece gospel choir, an evocative string section Read more about The FEDZ – The Traveller[…]