Tommy Newport – Warp Speed Suzie

Tommy Newport’s “Warp Speed Suzie” takes us for a mellow and soothing ride that we don’t want to get off of. It’s a track we have trouble deriving deep meaning from the lyrical surface but it doesn’t matter when the alluring touch aligns so well with our tastes. This piece unfolds quickly even while it Read more about Tommy Newport – Warp Speed Suzie[…]

Filous & The Kooks – Hey Love

We’ve been long time lovers of filous from the days of his remix for “Coming Over” by James Hersey and original work “How Hard I try” featuring James Hersey. They both remain a favorite of ours over all these years so it’s extra special to hear a new song come into fruition especially with The Read more about Filous & The Kooks – Hey Love[…]

superheart – Don’t Look Down

Some songs simply are able to take the listener to a better place without going anywhere at all. This auditory, mental transportation is one of a kind and it’s a big aspect that makes music so great. When listening to superheart’s “Don’t Look Down” there’s a clear feeling of calmness and contentedness which we gravitate Read more about superheart – Don’t Look Down[…]

Aaron Taos – Saboteur

Aaron Taos has been on our map for awhile and we’ve been impressed with his work for a long time. With the latest piece released just today, “Saboteur” takes the listener on a sonic journey through the earlier years of sound. It’s impressive when a piece is able to transcend beyond decades especially with all Read more about Aaron Taos – Saboteur[…]

The Lagoons – Give It Up For Love

Wow, what a night which developed beautifully after hearing “Give It Up For Love” by The Lagoons. It’s always great finding a new groovy piece that perfectly aligns with the night. I love the moment where you connect with a piece and it resonates so deeply. As the first few we checked out weren’t for Read more about The Lagoons – Give It Up For Love[…]

The Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden (argonaut&wasp cover)

The curating algorithms surely got this one right as when I was driving I had that “what is this song?” feeling we all know too well. As I listened closer it was actually a cover of a Rolling Stones classic and I can’t help but think this (unknown to me group) was able to give Read more about The Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden (argonaut&wasp cover)[…]

Young The Giant – Superposition

We haven’t heard from the breakout group since their early days when it was hard to not hear them on the radio. Their latest release, “Superposition” had us on the edge of our seat with the powerful progressions and meaningful lyrics. Driving percussive work really helps push the track in a direction that is calm Read more about Young The Giant – Superposition[…]

Beach for Tiger – Toffee

We are happy we’ve discovered Beach for Tiger as they are really helping us expand what we listen to with this spacey and introspective psychedelic journey. a laidback musical journey that encapsulates the listener and delivers warmth and electricity as the piece unfolds. Listening to this is surely a stimulating experience that mimics a mental Read more about Beach for Tiger – Toffee[…]