The Lagoons – Give It Up For Love

Wow, what a night which developed beautifully after hearing “Give It Up For Love” by The Lagoons. It’s always great finding a new groovy piece that perfectly aligns with the night. I love the moment where you connect with a piece and it resonates so deeply. As the first few we checked out weren’t for us, it was a pleasure this new track by The Lagoons came on as it completely filled out the potential of the new sound system with grace.

This track not only blasted through the speakers with delight, it completely set the tone and effortlessly carried it on. That hook, “Lets give it up for love, give it for something ya better, give it up for love, lets live it up cuz’ nothing’s better” lifts any burden one may have right off the shoulders. The vocals encompassed by the downright saxual vibes swathed around those fabulous guitar licks capable to fill one with soul. We’re looking forward to the amount of success this jazzy, 70’s inspired anthem is sure to have in the near future. It’ll be hard to stay frosty out there folks since the heat is coming in with this one! 

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