Filous & The Kooks – Hey Love

We’ve been long time lovers of filous from the days of his remix for “Coming Over” by James Hersey and original work “How Hard I try” featuring James Hersey. They both remain a favorite of ours over all these years so it’s extra special to hear a new song come into fruition especially with The Kooks on the track. “Hey Love” has a sort of nostalgic touch to it that we didn’t know we needed, just like the collaboration between the two artists. The Kooks also hold one of our all time favorite hits, “No Pressure” which was an instant classic that only grew better as time passed. What makes this piece such a hit is the seamless mixing of sounds from both artists and it becomes ever more evident as it progresses to the guitar climax.

We can’t help but replay this as it stand to be one of the top hits from summer 2020. What’s even more unique about this single comes the ability for listeners to finally get a look into the creative process by using an intuitive website experience where listeners can experiment and manipulate the production. It’s clear with how filous was brought into music production by his brother, he wants to continue passing along the ability for others to find the love that he did years before. Give this track a listen and let your troubles melt away.

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