Hauskey – Slow

We’re excited to share a really special track by Hauskey that will help melt your troubles away and make life slow down a bit. It features the perfect title “Slow”, even though I’m trying to find meaning in a piece that stands to look at self examination, personal wrong doings along with their inherent consequences. This airy piece feels like a pair of sunglasses and a breezy wind with the perfect pace to digest it.

It develops like clockwork as the chorus unravels and falls back into the next verse. That’s probably one of the reasons this track is so easy to play on repeat with it’s fantastic fluidity. This is the first we’ve heard from Hauskey and we hope others will make such a wonderful discovery as well. We think there’s an even brighter future ahead for the stellar artist and we’re looking forward to hearing more by going on that journey as well. Cheers!

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