Pawl, Discrete – Type Like That

Here’s a smashing hit from Pawl and Discrete that’s making it difficult to stand still. “Type Like That” has a smooth and chill nature while featuring a pulsing beat and bass line that creates the perfect mixture for an upbeat chill house groove. This track is seductive and elegant from the start but especially when it unfolds with a climax that pulls the work together perfectly. It’s hard to crave more from this track as the vocals melt seamlessly into the instrumental as one.

This track has such broad versatility and there isn’t many places I can picture where this wouldn’t fit wonderfully. That versatility is what I think will help take this track farther than most with its potent pop touch while still sounding like an organic dance piece with originality unlike many others. Take this track for a spin and let it help close out summer the right way. Cheers!

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