Becky Hill ‘Heaven On My Mind’ with Sigala

What a collaboration we’re so happy to present to you today with Becky Hill and Sigala, a masterful alignment of sound that will take you exactly where you need to be. It’s amazing the quality Sigala has been able to consistently put out over the years and it’s only been getting better and better as time progresses. This combined with the angelic vocals by Becky Hilly make it an instant hit. It’s a shame there isn’t more opportunity for this to be played out live as it would definitely be a go to play for so many DJs.

We know we have heaven on our mind and hope this pandemic and all the awful atrocities that have been going on will come to an end. With the power of music we can look to positivity and help balance out the negativity in this world. We hope you see the beauty in this piece and it begins a track you come to love and replay often. Cheers – Precision Select

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