Shaun Frank & Alicia Moffet – On Your Mind (Famba Remix)

Famba has been on our radar for a long time now and for good reason. After a series of high profile remixes it’s clear Famba isn’t going anywhere and has only cemented their place further in the industry especially with mint hits such as this “On Your Mind” remix. It’s clear this is an instant classic with its intoxicating and thumping bassline with perfect cohesion between all the elements especially including the vocal work. We absolutely LOVE house and having Famba recently announce he’s venturing further into the genre is definitely a blessing!

We’ll be mixing this one for some time to come and we dare say it’s a real classic already amongst the best where we’ll we can see coming back to it in a few years as a staple. Famba makes it hard to sit still and keeps me on the edge waiting for the next progression to eventually bring the track full circle. It’s catchy and it’s impossible not to get caught in the head. It only provokes the desire to make a house mix right after this! We’re sure this track will end up in one of our mix series and it will be a standout having new fans ask, “Whats the ID??”. Have no fear, famba’s here with freshly released goodness and you’ll be able to play this one again and again until he drops another wondrous track for everyone. Cheers house heads!

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