ANGIE STONE: Life Story (The Only One) [John “J-C” Carr and Bill Coleman 808 BEACH Chill Mix)

How’s your day been? I can almost guarantee it’s going to get better after tuning into this stellar piece that evokes emotions that many strive to feel as much as possible. The production value is beyond stellar and it makes it hard to stay in the seat. Guitar licks, sultry and emotive vocals along with a driving percussive beat are some of the reasons we can’t stop playing this one! We know for a fact it’ll end up in our upcoming mixes and will be played out as much as possible when the time permits it. For now, we’ll just be sharing it as much as possible through online channels!

It’s an interesting track in the house bpm range and its multifaceted ability makes it one that can be a track to ease down a harder mix and give listeners a break or fit perfectly in a mix of the chiller variety. We hope you take a liking to this one as much as us as we’ll surely be keeping an eye out on the respective artists. When it comes down to it, this is just an absolute hit and gem. Cheers for now, and groove on! – Precision Select

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