Don Diablo – Thousand Faces ft. Andy Grammer | Official Music Video

We can tell this is a powerful one without even getting the background of the track. This stands as Don Diablo’s most personal track which involves the death of his father, who was the most important man in his life, which is always a heavy subject. This piece exudes emotions that are hard to not feel deep within the core. It’s not a song one just listens to but rather embraces and feels deep down.

The production is impeccable and Andy Grammer’s vocals take the production to the next level adding the most perfect touch we could ever ask for. “Thousand Faces” makes it important to be grateful for the people around in life and the positive effect that they have on it. Even beyond this, the importance of people no longer in your life and making sure their memories carry on forever.

Andy Grammar noted, both musicians having lost their parents before their success was an even more meaningful record to put out together to really shine the importance the parental figures had in their life. We will surely be keeping this one on repeat. I’m going to go call my father right now. Cheers

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