PulseMotive – Sounds of Freedom

It’s a pleasure to present to you PulseMotive’s latest, “Sounds of Freedom” which couldn’t ring truer to the name. Free form music has been making a bigger and bigger imprint on the overall electronic scene and we embrace it fully. It’s exciting to see all the direction music can be pushed and what boundaries of sound can be broken. Labeled as “Free form bass” is a short way to describe the piece as it takes the listener through a entrancing and almost other worldly experience as it develops.

The repeating vocal chops and sharp arpeggiator are where this track really shines in all of its glory as it opens up the piece and the mind. “Sounds of Freedom” really is one for the deep thinker as it helps bring the idea of not what is, but what could be. It’s powerful yet, a smooth journey that leads the listener to the climax gently as it unfolds so naturally. We invite you to take the journey with us through sound and time. Cheers!

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