JONES – Camera Flash

JONES has wow’ed us with her new release, “Camera Flash” with its amazingly clean and groovy production. It starts like a dream with a vocal centric introduction leaving the listener unknowing of how much one can be pulled in and invested in a track’s development. It breaks after the climax perfectly giving the listener time to process and fall right back into a chorus that gives most songs out there a serious run for there money, based simply on pure organic attraction.

JONES has admittedly never blessed our ears with her wonderful voice as an artist and it’s exciting now having the opportunity to dive deeper into her catalogue. If her other works are even remotely near the level of this calibre, we’re going to have a new contender for favorite vocalist and performer. Give this track a listen and let it wash all over you and by the time it ends, it’ll be hard to resist playing and experiencing it all over again.

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