Fabich, Will Simms – No Way

Fabich is back at it again with Will Simms to deliver some auditory magic when it’s needed most. “No Way” provides the perfect mix of a retro groove with a modern twist that makes it feel ever relevant (and we’re here for it). If this piece doesn’t get you up or at least grooving in your chair you might want to get your system or headphones of choice checked out or upgraded.

On a serious note, this is one of those tracks that will mesh and align perfectly with so many listeners making it perfect for a gathering or even simply commercial play. This could certainly be well received in almost any setting we can think of in a reasonable sense. Fabich and Will Simms have co-wrote tracks for Sean Kingston, Lost Frequencies, Pussycat Dolls, Shaggy, MAX and it couldn’t be more clear of their talent with the amazing professional touch that’s evident. Take a moment to make a moment and let this sink in. Cheers for now!

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