Kelly & Gibson – Why Do We Love Like This

As the Fall season slowly develops, thoughts of sharing log cabins up in Vermont alongside a special someone amidst sweet tunes and fire places enters the mind. Kelly & Gibson are here to solve a part of that equation with their new hit release: “Why Do We Love Like This”, a track that exudes brilliance in its seductive nature. What’s interesting is the juxtaposition of a sultry and seemingly emotionally positive surface with lyrics that convey a much deeper issue between lovers of confliction.

Based out of Vancouver, the duo Kelly & Gibson mix like a fine wine and good conversation as the two who “are trying to find good harmony” do so in a seamless and alluring manner. We here at Precision Select are happy the duo have blasted on the map for us after already making major moves in the music industry. With the professional touch these music sensations bring to the table we are sure this is just the start. We can’t stop falling back into “Why Do We Love Like This” simply because it’s just a well rounded beautiful piece with immersive vocals. Come have a listen for yourself, especially if you’re looking for something that you don’t just listen to but rather experience deep in your core. Cheers!

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