Deniz Koyu – Lost Soul

Deniz Koyu recently released his new track “Lost Soul” and we must say without a doubt it’s totally electrifying. The vocals of this fine tune are highly inspiring and are capable of evoking great emotion within everyone of its listeners. We can already picture this hit being played out at raves across the globe; it would spread waves of vibrance across the fields of festival goers to the farthest reaches. It will be hard for one to ever feel as if they are a lost soul after hearing Koyu’s brilliant jam played out.

Whether it’s played out in a club or just through a set of headphones at home, this song will surely take listeners by storm in the most positive of ways imaginable. Having returned to Protocol Recordings with this new release, the prominent European artist Deniz Koyu is sure to see much publicity having added “lost Soul” to his ranks. The streams are already rolling in across the board so buckle up and listen as this masterful piece takes the industry by storm.

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