filous & Nina Chuba – Trying Not To Think About You

I don’t think there’s been a song we haven’t liked from filous so whenever we see one on the table or soon to come out it’s hard to not get excited. This time around, filous teams up with Nina Chuba to bring us “Trying Not To Think About You”. It falls more in the pop realm of what we tend to hear from him but it has the classic clean and catchy touch he is known for. Nina Chuba completely nails the vocals creating the perfect cohesion we could only imagine with the seamless instrumental work.

¬†This latest work is the second release from filous’ latest project following the hit single we can’t stop playing, “Hey Love” ft. The Kooks. It still remains one of our favorite collaborations of the year and if you haven’t heard it yet, it definitely should be the next stop of the day. It’s amazing how long we’ve been listening to filous’ work especially considering his young age and we hope to say that we’ve continued to listen to his music for most of our life down the road. If you’re new to his music, this is the perfect piece to familiarize yourself with his musical magic!

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