RYOKER – TAKE ME DOWN ft. Not.Fay, Matthew Mdot Finley (Radio Edit) [XDM Records]

Ah, music to our ears. What a refreshing delight to have had the pleasure to delve into “Take Me Down” by RYOKER. It’s only ever so often we get the pleasure to listen to such unique tracks over here at the Precision Select home base. This track speaks volumes as it belts out heavy saxophone accompanied alongside sassy, emotive vocals.

A track such as this transports me to a jazz club somewhere deep in the off skirts of Paris where I’d be found sipping a classy but also rousing cocktail. In this jazz club would be where I start my adventure to explore and then seek out grandiose new evening adventures.

What a pleasure it is to hear Not.Fay once again as we see how her luscious vocals take over after having slipped into the Top 40 Music Week in London. Following her lead we have ally Matt Finley whom is a multi talented artist having dabbled in all sorts of creative arts alongside some of the biggest names such as  Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers. 

It’s clear RYOKER has a bright future and the journey to greatness is closer to the beginning than the end. Thanks for stopping by for a listen, we hope you find the delightfully exquisite and intense “Take Me Down” as riveting as we feel it is. Stay tuned as it’s still very early and there is much more greatness to come!

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