Marcus James – Over U (feat. RYYZN)

We’re very joyous over here from having just listened to the fresh and tasteful piece “Over U” by Marcus James featuring RYYZN. New life has been popping up left and right all over the neighborhood as spring comes at us with much intent and it’s tracks like this that keep drawing us closer to the epitome of what the season means to us. This well versed piece has many fantastic elements to it; it’s justly said that there is a strong mixture between emotional textures highlighted by delicate yet profound raw acoustic licks with a luscious pumping house beat.

Even though all may seem right in the world when surrounded by predominantly great weather, there are always short falls that we face along the journey to enlightenment. Marcus James aims at directing the message to his listeners that all will be sterling if you can seek out that one person that makes even “the thunder and lightning” seem welcoming and pleasant. He did such an awesome job on “Over U” while in addition, providing the lovely message held within the confines of the piece. Expect to hear this jam by the Vancouver-based artist on the top music streaming services across the web!

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