Felix Cartal & Lights – Love Me

The sensational Lights and brilliant Felix Cartal just tied the knot on their recent collaboration titled “Love Me” and it’s been a consistent stimulus with every listen. The track centralizes around the thought of not being able to get a crush out of your head and the feelings that surface when thinking of that dreamy someone. The topic of love re-surfaces time and time again in many songs our team reviews and because of talented producers like Lights & Felix, the atmosphere stays highly interesting within the realm of the theme.

It’s honestly been hard to stay cool having jammed to “Love Me” a multitude of times now and it’s gotten to the point where we can’t get the track out of our minds. When instances like this occur we know there is a hit on our hands. This fiery dance pop song will surely be heard far and wide across music streaming platforms across the web and we’re super stoked to take part in the expansion of its growth developments. 

This melodic vocal house single has effortlessly breached the 10 million streams checkpoint across all platforms so there is heavy buzz revolving around this radio friendly pop hit and we see this rocketing a lot further. Music discovery services alongside us have been known to pick up tracks by talented artists such as Lights & Felix without question due to their electric reputation; with another hit such as “Love Me” they have only been cemented deeper into our artist catalog of top musicians and we’re positive this is the case with many other music conglomerates in the field as well.

Just this past year Felix Cartal amassed stats including the domination within his Spotify channel that has accumulated over 200 million streams in addition to his 2019 Juno Award nomination. This palatial producer is generating sound quakes within the industry and we honestly can’t wait for what else he has in store. Behold the fantastic production behind Light’s & Felix Cartal’s “Love Me” as this jam is erupting into a top dance jam of the summer!

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