The Chainsmokers, ILLENIUM – Takeaway ft. Lennon Stella

Oh wow, seeing The Chainsmokers and ILLENIUM on one track… yes! “Takeaway” begins with luscious piano chords and a sultry male/female vocal combo making this one for the books. The real beauty of it is that it not only lived up to our expectations but straight up surpassed them, which is tough when multiple powerhouses team up. There’s certain similarities to the exploding sound the future bass genre has carved out along with a pop twist making this a perfect fusion of sound that fits right into the commercial market.

What’s even better is the overall versatility of the piece as it can be played in packed out stadiums or festivals, at the beach with friends or just in the comfort of home. Lennon Stella really helps pull this together and what’s even better is we aren’t familiar with the singer so we are happy to introduce her to the Precision Select audience! The crazy part is The Chainsmokers were thinking about not releasing this auditory piece of gold so we can thank the heavens of sound that we are getting to hear it. As always, enjoy!

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