Lucas Estrada, NEIMY, Pawl – Radio Love

Ever find yourself driving with the radio on your way to work and suddenly the vehicle seems to gear into auto pilot as it takes off in a fluid perpetual rhythm of motion out on the streets? Well if you want this every time you jump behind the wheel then start up “Radio Love” by Lucas Estrada, NEIMY & Pawl on the system. This new radio friendly pop song will have you wanting to drive for the rest of time as it brings a calming presence that’s tough to match. It’s nice to be blown back by music in such a way that your emotions become untamed from such melodious encounters. With this, it seems it’s best to entirely engulf oneself in the luscious waves that cause the sonic notes to continually whirlwind in the ear.

For this masterpiece it was stated that the collaboration amongst Lucas Estrada, NEIMY & Pawl was quite efficient in the initial production phase. Within a few minutes of introduction, writing began swiftly followed by trading of chords and soon a final product ready for radio release as the weekend began to close out. It’s wonderful to see phenomenal artists join forces so naturally as now there’s a hit out there that has the power to be a classic for some time . We are looking forward to the progression in all their careers and wish for many more soulful works to be released in the near future. For now, we’ll enjoy this one!

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