Martin Solveig, Roy Woods – Juliet & Romeo

Platinum-certified DJ and producer Marin Solveig is an artist we’ve been fond of for almost as long as we’ve been listening to electronic music. He recently teamed up with Roy Woods, a new artist who really helps pull together “Juliet & Romeo”. It’s one of the most classic dance hits to brace our ears this year in perfect time before we round out the decade. “Juliet & Romeo” is infectiously catchy and brings a smile from every listen.

Solveig takes a classic piano progression that feels sort of raw by itself but so perfect when mixed in with the accompanying elements. For our new years party, we know exactly what we’ll be mixing in once it starts heating up. With this being one of our last posts of the year, we want to wish everyone a happy holiday and new years to come. Cheers!

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