PulseMotive – You Say

PulseMotive just released quite the track titled “You Say” recently as we’ve really started getting into the swing of everything going on around the world. We haven’t heard from them since their release “Reaching”, another future bass track similar in nature that we really enjoyed, so it’s been quite nice knowing the group is back in the mix. Future Bass is one of those styles that has exploded in popularity and with that comes a lot of generic works that end up all sounding the same. Hearing a future bass track with grand piano, live guitar and sultry vocals was the perfect twist we needed to spark our ears. “You Say” was so tastefully done as listeners are able to fully absorb the lofty pad drops alongside the charged up synths with rhythmic magic coming together around the delicious vocal work placed beautifully throughout the piece.

The whole package I must say was delivered swimmingly as I can’t help but feel exactly what’s being represented within the work when being faced with the alluring album cover of a girl faced by sunset and seascape. I’d like to imagine that she is the centerpiece behind the vocals, glistening like an ornate chandelier upon entry to a beach side hacienda. This track has already found it’s way into my iTunes as I plan on reliving it to get a little fire in me from those massive back to back future bass drops which never cease to fill the soul. I’m highly anticipating my ventures out now, thanks to PulseMotive from the new found energy. Cheers and best of luck on future releases, I’m sure they will be coming in more frequently after hearing a release of this level.

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