Maia Wright – View

Here we have a piece that exemplifies true star quality from an artist we have only heard once before. Her voice is seductively sultry and angelic at the same time. This piece creates the perfect visual view for us even through our sound system. It’s a special track that can transport you to a place and actually make you feel something deep.

“The track is a summer pop-anthem infused with disco vibes, produced by Maestro ‘The Baker’ och Ketil Jansen (From Lemaitre).

We are big fans of Lemaitre so it’s no wonder the groove is perfectly up our alley. With over 100 million streams under Maia’s belt, it’s amazing she has flown under our radar mostly for so long beyond Gryffin’s “Body Back” although we believe music comes to us at a time when it has the most profound effect. We are excited to see how she develops and grows her sound, especially being on the earlier side of her career. Maia Wright is not one to be slept on! Take a seat back and let this one fulfill you in ways music many times cannot. Enjoy!

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