Arc North – Sweet Sunshine

“I’m lost in the dark when you go,” that’s how I feel when “Sweet Sunshine” by Arc North comes to finish. The female vocalist makes her impactful stance early on as she declares “I want to feel your summertime I want to feel the heat”; a declaration, when mixed with Arc North’s phenomenal production value, that emanates enough heat to warm an entire winter city for nights on end.  After much consideration I can say this is one of my favorites pieces of this kind that I’ve heard in awhile.

The heavenly flurry of electronic elements Arc North sourced alongside the insanely inspiring vocal exposition continue to fill every square inch of my being with immersive sonic pleasure. When a song causes all the hairs to stand up on your body you have something special in front of you. I’ve listened to “Sweet Sunshine” countless times just over the span of a few days and this phenomenon never fails to occur. I’ve come to an easy understanding that I need much more from this artist. As I continue to write I’ve simultaneously been on a tear through Arc North’s Soundcloud to see if I can dig up more refined treasures that compare to the latest masterpiece of his. Even if I can’t it will be a pleasure to see how the young musician came to arrive at such a massive turning point in his career. 

It’s fairly wild to hear that the young Swedish artist, Oscar Christiansson, is only 21 years young and has been able to come so far already. Arc North has already racked up 300k monthly listeners and that number is only going to sky rocket even further with insane releases such as this. We are excited to see how far Arc North is going to go in the near future as he continues to build his brand out of Stockholm, a country that we are sure is proud to have him within its ranks.

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