Draper – Never Say Never (feat. Hannah Jane Lewis)

Like the foundation of the track was built around, out of the blue we discover a special artist where all the necessary ingredients are present for a splendid experience. It’s hard to not become shrouded in exhilarating pleasure, or as Draper likes to say, “giddiness”. This hard working production artist has been pressing through barriers finally coming to the point in his career where he will soon reach the 100 release milestone on Soundcloud. For now he’s at a cool 89 tracks published, with his latest being the sensational “Never Say Never” featuring Hannah Jane Lewis.

This track exudes brilliance as it lays out sensual ingenuity strongly fostered with robust blasts of electronic synth flares. It’s hard not to get an exploding rush of chills throughout, followed by goosebumps on the verge of evolution into large hillsides where sound waves of magnificent intensity stream themselves along the bases. Plain and simple, this is a song that falls strongly under the category of music that makes you happy and fulfilled which is certainly compatible with most listeners and personas.

The level of masterful chemistry Draper unites alongside London’s Hannah Jane Lewis is clear to the ears; even Draper said himself that “it was a track that happened so naturally”. So great to hear that such works of theirs can be a process that is smooth as one could hope for. We will be sending this hot new vocal enriched track not only across the blogosphere but also to our close friends so they can take part in the feeling of invincibility sustained by love. We hope you enjoy it as much as us!

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