Jenna Lotti – Deep

Today turned out to be quite the beauty of a day. In large part it’s from having had the pleasure to listen to Jenna Lotti’s “Deep”, a track that emulsifies the depths of unfavorable paroxysm through pure sonic pleasure. Put simply this is an absolute gem with deep meaning that really brings the work full circle.

It’s said that happiness is the greatest agent of purification and the likes of Jenna’s inner reflection she manifests within this piece provides a purifying exception that ignites such elation with every listen. The piece makes sure to highlight how misleading an outside appearance can be for depicting what someone is truly feeling deep down. We’ve started to wonder who the special someone she merged life paths with every time her lucent vocals hit the speakers even with the track’s amazing ability to spur the imagination.

The entrancing melody of Ms. Lotti is truly profound as it has the ability to pull you into an inescapably divine chamber within the music. She’s been “in too deep” and she’s bringing us with her on the passage to relief from the constraints of any doubt present in the soul by reminding us of the special, life saving “you, that keeps bringing me back”. Having been featured on many large platforms already such as EarMilk, Medium, American Songwriter & CelebMi, this talented musician has much ahead of her as she lights the way with her new single “Deep”. We wish her the best on her continuous journey of self discovery and creation as an artist.

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