Mister Drax – We Don’t Need To Stop (Radio Edit)

Mister Drax is a DJ and electronic music producer that has blasted on to the map for us with his classic and infectious hit, “We Don’t Need To Stop”. From the moment this piece gets going it brings amazing energy that one can only hope for by the climax. It packs a powerful punch through percussive work, balanced bass and tasteful vocals to really make this a track for the books.

Mister Drax is based in the Netherlands but we’ll be adding him on our list of artists to catch live whether over here in the states or overseas. He has been lighting up the dance floor for 20 years and it’s clear that he is a natural for making hits that truly have staying power. It’s amazing he has flown under our radar for so long but we know now for sure to be on the look out for the next hit he’s cooking up!

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