Becky Hill – (ft Shift K3Y) – Better Off Without You

We’re so happy to see Becky Hill and Shift K3Y on one record, especially as our admiration goes back years. This piece serves as a declaration that so many need to embrace, which is simply stated that life is better without a certain person in it. It’s a hard realization to come to but ultimately brings clarity. This is a stand out hit as it features the brutal honesty that many shy away from in their works. What really makes it special is the powerful honesty throughout, which is all wrapped together nicely by an infectious house groove. It’s simply refreshing and oh so catchy, which is why it’s a track we continue to come back to.

“’Better Off Without You’ is that perfect break up song. Starting the year with those New Year, new me feels, it’s your new self love anthem of 2020! Written about a break up of my own, ’Better Off Without You’ was a song that I listened to over the course of 2019 that helped me through some really dark times. I can’t wait to share this bit of personal therapy with others and watch the song take on a life of its own.”  – Beck Hill

We’ve heard Beck Hill’s beautiful vocals shine through so many collaborations with many of our favorite artists but it’s wonderful getting to hear her take the wheel more while still backed by a top notch producer. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for both of these powerhouses of sound. Stay tuned and we’ll keep our ear to the ground to make sure to continue unearthing the beauty that lies ahead!

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