Nick de la Hoyde – Animals

We happily present Nick de la Hoyde’s “Animals”, a single from Hoyde’s up and coming debut album – A Beautiful Mess – that is due for release on January 31st, 2020. If the album is anything like the beautiful piece we lay out below, then there will be a lot more in store. “Animals” takes the beauty and unconditional love that many animals show to serve as a practice that people can learn from. It’s not that there isn’t unconditionally loving people although not many would argue it’s seen on the same level in animals. “Animals” is a beautiful meeting of electro based and traditional elements which can serve as the amazing connection for when animal’s unconditional love and human compassion blend into one.

We can’t help but feel the radiating, inspirational sensations being released through the air waves. As many ask how the curation process unfolds, it’s clear there’s a continuous gravitation towards pieces that have a positive emotional impact, and with “Animals” it’s no different. Take a moment to relax while embracing your surroundings and let happiness find its way. Cheers until next time.

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