Danya Vodovoz – Blues Train

Ready for a groove? Not just any groove, but one that transcends time and is able to take the listener back to when music had a bit more soul all around. Dayna Vodovoz started his career back in 1998, so he’s been around the block, which surely makes it easier to fuse styles being a little closer to the days. We can’t help but to love the organic beauty we get from this, which surely keeps us coming back for more.

All of this backed by a house beat makes this truly one for the books. We can’t help but get up and dance to this piece and it’s one we’ve come back to over and over in the last couple weeks since becoming aware of it. We’re on the Blues Train, it’s coming around and we’re not sure where we’re getting off! If anything is clear, Danya Vodovoz is a musician to watch, listen to and adore. Hats off to him, and we only hope to hear more to come! Cheers to all.

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