It’s few and far between one finds an artist with such a unique sound that you can compare to some of the greats before them. SÄFAR’s “MEDINA” takes the listener on a spiritual journey that awakens the soul and helps them move forward, from whatever that may be.

With Indian instrumentation, it’s clear the influences that are brought forth to take what an impressive piece is into a truly outstanding one. We are in great need of more music that inspires the soul and it’s a pleasure to share a work of art with everyone as such. For us, we want to make the world a greater place, and leave it better after we have left.

SÄFAR continues to push the barrier of sound making us grateful for the present, and hopeful for the future. It’s not often a track stands out in such a way where you are able relinquish any negative thoughts. With that spurs optimism and a greater sense of what it is to be alive. We will surely be listening for whats in store by SÄFAR following “MEDINA”.

Stay tuned,

cheers. PS

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