Maty Noyes – Love Don’t Cost A Thang ft. Franke, Lemaitre

Oh wow, do we have a special one for you today. An extremely thoughtful and meaningful track titled, “Love Don’t Cost A Thang” ft. Franke & Lemaitre. this is a piece needed more than ever when consumerism has taken the grips of many and it becomes an unfortunate way when it’s where people find happiness through material goods, which is generally fleeting and empty. Lemaitre and Franke are actually the only artists we’re familiar with but we will certainly be checking deeper into the catalog of Maty Noyes to find more gems such as this.

We can’t help but bob our head to this as the grooves are infectious. When beautiful instrumentation, vocals and lyrics all come together it’s when a special piece comes to fruition. Whenever you’re feeling down, here’s the epitome of an art work to help you realize what’s important and what you need to focus on. We’re just happy we came across this one with our ears. Cheers, and stay tuned for more!

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