Evie Irie – Worst Enemy

Seventeen-year-old Sydney-born singer/songwriter Evie Irie releases the official music video for her new single, “Worst Enemy”. This one caught our eyes and ears, especially with the deep connection where so many can relate to the meaningful lyrics and delivery. The beat is bass heavy and flows in a fluent form sonically. It makes us have an empathic feel with Evie and that’s a powerful feeling to embrace. Connecting with music is one of the most life changing things there is and it’s saved lives, and will continue to save many more. She reveals a deeper layer of herself and that’s authenticity we crave as listeners.

We can’t wait for her new EP set to arrive Fall of 2020. When an artist resonates so deeply within a listener it’s hard not to get excited for what’s to come. We’re excited to hear her progression as an artist, and for whatever direction that is we’ll be rooting for her. Give this one a spin and we guarantee you won’t regret it. Evie Irie is truly one of a kind!

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