Tom Hall & Nalestar ft. Emiah – Casual

We have a special track today and its coming together like true pure synchronicity. This piece is an absolute hit with all the alluring elements perfectly aligning as the seductively sonic waves splash through our ears like magic. The power and buildup is what really drew us in and we can feel the beat pulse through our body making us feel more alive than ever.

this was the first we’ve heard of Emiah’s vocals and we couldn’t think of a better way to be first exposed. We suggest you dive deep into all the artists on this track to really find something beneath the surface. It’s ironic as it’s titled “Casual” yet anytime it’s played it seems anything but casual. The climax is pure majestic beauty that entrances the listener in a way not many songs can do. We think this will be one that will be played out for years to come!

The romantic interest really brings the piece full circle and we’re sure, we want more as well! We’ll be keeping a close eye out and hope everyone out there listening does the same! This will certainly be played out in one of our upcoming live mixes! Cheers

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